10 convincing why to drink coffee regularly

10. Coffee decreases the chance of diabetes


Recently, more than 250 million people suffer from diabetes in all over the world. Drinking coffee regularly, reduce two types of this serious disease. To be more specific, consuming coffee reduce the chance of getting diabetes with almost 30%.

9.Lower risk of Parkinson


is a neurogenerative disorder which affects mainly the old generation. Coffee reduces the demage of dopamine-generating neurons so decreases the chance of getting Parkinson with almost 32%.

8.Can beat deep Depression


Depression is serious mental problem not just in America but also in the whole world. Based on the experiments, drinking coffee increases the level of happpines and can totally beat the depression.

7.Lower chance of stroke


Although, coffee may increses your blood pressure it is not concerns to everyone. If you consume it regularly, your blood pressure will not be higher at all! Based on a few researches, coffee reduces the chance of getting stroke or heart attack with almost 20%.

6.Increase physical ability


Coffee actually forces the brain to destroy the fat cells and loose weigh in that way. It also increases the level of adrenalin in your body so you will be more motivated and energetic in a long-run.

4.Has a good affect to our liver


No doubt, liver is one of the most important orgin in our body. It has a houndreds of different significant functions. Based on the experiments, drinking coffeee regularly can decrease the chance of getting chirosis for instance.

3.Cold prevent Alzheimer


Alzheimer is a common and well-known serious kind of disease especially among the old generation. Currently, no cure available to it. It might sounds unbelievable but the consumption of coffeee can have a good affect on your neurogenerative system and can reduce the possibility of getting Alzheimer.

2.Contains Nutrients


Coffe contains the following beneficial nutrients:Magnesium and niacin, Riboflavin and Panthotenic Acid. These are all really essential in order to stay healthy and fit.

1.Prevent Cancer


Probably this is the most shocking and surprising fact regarding coffee. Well, coffeee contains a plenty of oxidants which is unavoidable in order to prevent cancer in a long-run. To be more specific, drinking coffee decreases the chance of getting liver and coloretical cancers.