10 unbelievable facts what you didn’t know about Paul Walker

10.His grandfather was a famous boxer


Paul was the fourth child of a middle-classed family. Well, probably only some of you know that his grandfather namely Paul William was a great and talented Irish boxer.

9.He played together with Fergie


Paul’s first appearance happened in 1986 when he was just a child. He played an extremely smart child’s role and his partner was the worldwide well-known singer Fergie.

8.Paul was a great Jiu-jitsu fighter


Paul actually reached the brown level in Jiu-jitsu which means that he was an excellent fighter as well. To be more specific, Paul achieved the second highest levels and his whole family were really proud of him.

7.He loved driving in his personal life as well


Paul was a great driver not just in the movie “Fast and Furious” but also in the real life. He drove an m3 E92 amazing car.

6.Paul played in a Pampers commerical


The little Paul was just two years old when he got his first important role in a nappy commercial. He was just a youth when he already became well-known.

5.He was dating with Jessica Alba


They actually met during the “Into the Blue” direction. Both of them were beautiful young and successful. No doubt, they formed one of the most beautiful couple ever.

4.He had a really young girlfriend


Jasmine Gosnell was just 16 years old when she met the charmy 33 years old actor. They also engaged around 2008 but later they broke up.

3.He had a daughter


Recently, Meadow walker is 18 years old so she is actually an adault. She spent most of her time with her mother because Paul did not have enough time to take tare about her.

2.He loved dogs


Paul really loved the cute doggies he even had one at home. The smart rotreiver also played in one of his great movies. Anyway, the dog was called Bonnie.

1.He was a great person


He established an organization which supports the poor and unlucky children. Based on Vin Diesel and a plenty of other great stars opinion, Paul was a simple and really good person. Rest in Peace Paul Walker!