15 Countries With The Lowest Interest Rates For Loans & Mortgages

Who doesn’t like money? Everyone wants it but not everyone has it actually. But what if you need some money to make your dreams come true how to get it? You have to get a loan. However, it’s not easy to get a good loan with the lowest interest rate. To make it easier for you, here’s a list of the countries with the absolute lowest central bank interest rate.

1. Switzerland


There is a good reason why Switzerland is the number one country. In fact, they have negative interest rate which means that the government pays banks to lend them money instead of the other way around. Is there anything more convincing than that?

2. Denmark


This country is very similar to Switzerland. By offering negative interest rates to everyone, borrowing money practically seems free. That is why Denmark a good destination if you’re planning to move and get a mortgage to start over your life.

3. Sweden


Here is the next perfect country in case you’re looking for a better life. According to Global Interest Rate Monitor the country’s interest rate is -0.50%. Plus, Sweden is one of the safest countries you can ever live in.

4. Japan


Getting a house, car and nearly everything has never been easier. This small yet rich country is also offering a good deal to anyone who needs money as soon as possible. Just make sure you spend it right!

5. Bulgaria


Who would have thought that this country would also appear on the list? It is what it is, Bulgaria is one of the best with its 0.00% interest rates. In addition, it is a relatively cheap country to live in and has some beautiful beaches.

6. European Union


That’s right, you can actually ask for a loan from the European Union. The interest rates might not be as good as they are in Switzerland but you can still say they are pretty favorable. The current rate is still not above zero and it’s constantly decreasing.

7. Czech Republic


European countries seem to dominate the list. Now it’s time to introduce the first country with its interest rate just a bit more than zero. Yet, Czech Republic’s number is still really low compared to many other countries all around the world.

8. Israel


Don’t be so judgmental and afraid of the Middle-East. Living there may be so much better than you’d think. Bank of Israel stands at an all time low of 0.1% on this list. Get that house you have always dreamed of without any problems.

9. Samoa


Even if you don’ know much about this country, now it’s the right time to look it up. If the breathtaking hills, palm trees and the crystal clear water were not convincing enough, you should know that their mortgage rate is extremely low, as well.

10. United Kingdom


Put the Brexit thing away and start thinking about moving to UK. Your life could actually turn out so much better if you ask for a loan from a country with a 0.25% interest rate. Just remember all that complications you have to face in your own country.

11. Canada


The friendliest country in the world. They would not only give you a warm welcome but even wait for you with those low interest rates and thank you for choosing Canada. You would definitely feel at home despite the fact you’re in a completely different place.

12. Fiji


Ok, you have to admit that the loans and mortgages are not the only reasons you might consider moving to Fiji but it is actually an important factor. Just imagine arriving there with absolutely no money. You would be happy to hear about these rates, right?

13. Norway


Surprisingly, Norway is a bit far from the first place but still made it to the list. The Global Rate Interest Monitor showed a 0.5% interest rate in the country in April 2017, which is certainly better than previous years. Let’s hope for more improvement in the next.

14. Hungary


You may notice that Hungary’s rates are much higher but don’t let this ruin your plans for the future. That 0.9% interest rate is not as tremendous as it seems, still worth to try. You’ll see after you spend your money on what you wanted to.

15. USA


Perhaps we all fantasized about moving to the States before Trump became the president. But if you don’t really care about politics, your financial status must be still important. That is why USA a good country for you.