15 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know About Chester Bennington

The front man of a very well known rock band Linkin Park sadly passed away. Are you curious what those things almost nobody knew about him are? Let’s take a look at his short but memorable life.

15. Found Dead


The extremely talented singer was found dead at the age of 41. Chester committed suicide by hanging himself in his home in California on 20 July 2017.

14. His Parents


His mother worked as a nurse her whole life while his father was a police detective. Bennington’s dad worked on child sex abuse cases. However, the most interesting case was in his own home.


13. Childhood Trauma


Chester himself was sexually abused from the age of seven and continued until the age of thirteen. Like most of the victims, he was afraid to ask for help at that time. Surprisingly, the abuser was his father, who was a victim himself.


12. Moving In ‘n’ Out


After his parents divorced at the age of 11, his father gained custody of him. He lived with him until he was 17 years old. After, he moved in with his mom.


11. Survival


Bennington used art as a way out of his hell. He liked drawing pictures, writing poems and songs. These are the things that saved him during that time. Unfortunately, it couldn’t help him on the long run.


10. Self Destruction


He was really young when he first started using drugs. Marijuana, cocaine, opium, LSD, everything you could think of; he’s done that.


9. Empty glass


Besides drug abuse, he started drinking heavily. Chester has had problems with alcohol and drugs throughout his whole life. Although he tried quitting numerous times, he always ended up doing the same thing all over again.


8. Early Career


Before the singer began his career as a professional musician he worked at the famous fast food restaurant Burger King. Thank God the great band made it to the top!


7. Hard Times


Neither home nor school was safe for him. In high school Chester was physically abused just because he was different from others. How could someone do something like that?


6. Another Life


Next to Linkin Park, Bennington co-founded another band called Dead by Sunrise in 2005. Four years later they released their debut album.


5. Relationships


Chester was married twice. His first marriage to Samantha Marie Olit last from 1996 to 2005. One year after their divorce he married a former Playboy model Talinda Ann Bentley and have been together since.


4. Big Family


Altogether the singer had six kids. The oldest son was born back in 1996 from his relationship with Elka Brand. He also adopted her other son later. From the first marriage Bennington had one kid and three other from his second wife.


3. The Unstoppable


In 2006 he broke his wrist during a stage dive. Despite his injury, he did not leave the stage until they finished the entire show. After heading to the emergency room, he received five stitches.


2. Talented Actor


The ill-fated racist Evan in the movie Saw 3D: The Final Chapter was played by Chester. Singing and writing music were not his only talents.


1. Reason


Of course we will never know why he decided to end his life like this but many think Chris Cornell’s death is connected. His best friend also committed suicide a few months ago.