8 convincing reasons why Donald Trump will win the Election

8.He wants to bulid a wall


Trump already talked about the importance of the strong borders. For this reason, he decided to build a huge wall between the Mexician and American border. The purpose of the plan is to protect the own properties and also to keep out the migrants from their own land.

7.He hates the ISIS

The threaten of the Isis organization is a serious problem not just in America but in the whole world as well. They even built large hotels in the Middle East in order to increase their income. This fact actually means that they are the competitors of Donald Trump due to the fact he also owns luxory homes in the same area.

6.He is dominant


As we all know, he has a really own style and charisma. You may like him or not but you must acclaim that he is a real alpha male. He has a plenty of puroses and he will do everything in order to reach them!


5.He is a a real business man


Trump belongs to the wealthy class so he already learned how to be successful at least from a financial aspect. In addition,he exactly knows how to increase the economic performance and revenue of the country.


4.He is a true American


He would never bring shame to his home country because he is a real American patriot! Trumb is also known to be loyal and trusty.

3.He believes in strong army

Trump always emphasizes the importance of a maintanable and strong army in a long-run. He keeps before his eyes the threaten of the East territories and based on his words he will do everything in order to save as much innocent life as he can.


2.He is a great communicator


No doubt, Trump is an excellent negotiator at leaset based on the expertise opinion. Furthermore, he could affect people perfectly, thus he is extremely convincing. For this reason he would be the right person who can clarify the misunderstendings with the European countries for instance.

1.He is against racism


Trump respects every possible races and he would be never be able to make difference between a white and a black people. Moreover, he promises equal treatment to the black police officers.