Your Height Isn’t Who You Are: You Can Grow Taller

10.Special exercises


Keep your shoulders back and hips over your feet can have a good affect on your growing process. Do these exercises regularly and you will see the result!

9.Be self-confident


You might not believe the fact that self-confidence can have a positive affect on your body and on your mind as well. Positive behaviour can improve the growing affact in your body.

8.Visit a medical professional


It might happen that you have a rare disorder in your body and you didn’t know about it. For this reason it is extremely important to visit a professional who will imediately identify if there is any problem with you.

7.Take care about your immune system


If you want to grow taller it is necessary to provide different kind of vitamins such as C,D or E. The last one is actually the most important. You can easily get it from the sunshine for instance.

6.Exercise your body


If you want to grow taller it is extremely important to do sport activities such as swimming or jogging.

5.Sleep well

Based on the experiments it is extremely important to sleep enough in order to regenerate your body and immune system. Especially during the teen ages it is necessary to rest a lot in order to be able to grew.

4.Eat right

Any kind of diet or eat less could result slower growing process. For this reason always provide the necessary vitamins into your body and eat at least three times a day.

3.Avoid bad habits


Smoking or drinking alcohol during your young ages can affect badly to your orgin. Based on the measurements, smoking regularly can reduce the growing process by 20-30%.

2.Be happy


A positve partner in your life can fulfill your body with happiness hormones and can have a good affect on your orgin.


Relaxing activities such as yoga or reading can help to turn off your brain and stop thinking for a little time. During that time your body have the time to restabilize itself.