Son Take The Same Picture For 30 Months. Don’t Cry When You See The Last.

Sick son had a very good reason to take the same photo of himself for 23 months. His documentations might be shocking to everyone. Try to stay strong and do not cry when you see the last.


At first sight, just a simple selfie of a guy. But there are teardrops on his face. What could be wrong with him?


You are probably getting more curious. Who could hurt him and especially why?


Yes, that is a bruise under his eye. It’s not that big but still a sign of physical abuse.


You’d be surprised if knew how many males are victimized at home. It’s not only women who can be abused.


In addition, the abusers are not always the partners of the victims. It can also be any family member.


They all try to move on and start a new life after something tragic happens.


Most of the times, the abuse is completely unnoticeable for the outer world. Only you know what is happening.


When you simply say you just hit yourself, people will believe you and won’t ask any further questions.


We often forgive someone just because we love them. But sometimes it creates more problems than good.


The hardest part of trying to reach out for help when your bruises are covered. No one suspects anything when you look okay from the outside.


Let’s hope this story has a happy ending. All bruises heal sooner or later but what if there are new bruises every day?


No one is supposed to suffer like this. With physical abuse comes irreversible emotional damage too.


Scientists claim that humans are naturally aggressive, but it is not an excuse for any kind of violence.


Victims who are also abused verbally, start to believe what they hear about themselves after a time.


You can see how hurt he is. How could you live and trust somebody who is constantly terrorizing you?


In a situation like this, even an atheist start to pray for better times to come. When will that help come and save him?


This type of life experience can influence your whole life. Your whole personality, behaviour and even the things you believe in change.


Some victims become abusers themselves years later. Not in every case of course, but statistics do show this result.


Imagine what he has been going through just in a few years. You live in a constant fear in every second of your life.


Although his facial expressions look a bit worried and afraid, his physical health seems to be alright. Is everything going to be ok?


Hopefully, one day everyone can live a happy and peaceful life without having to face abuse on a daily basis.


No more bruises anymore. Yet, if someone is capable of doing something like that one time, they can do it again.


Unfortunately, everything simply cannot work out the way we want it to. If you are being abused get help as soon as possible.