Stealing Celebs, Guess Who…!!!

10.Farrah Fawcett


She loved beautiful cloth and she stole one once! Farrad became angry when the police officer arrived and she actually said that the purchased product was bad and they did not want to give back her money!

9.Wionona Ryder

The case happened in 2001 in Beverly Hills when the beautiful actress tried to stole articles worth 5,000 dollars.The security camera also caught the “accident” so she sent to social work.



The cases is actually riddikulous….Kesha simply graped a cloth from a container and she ran away. How could se done that? Steal cloth from the poorest people!

7.Kristin Cavallari


She had serious problems during her young ages and she often had to face with law. Based on the charges, Kristin rob a store with her girlfriends but they were soon got caught.

6.Jennifer Capriati


It just simply ununderstandable why a successful and rich young lady want to steal a ring which worth roughly 15 dollars. Probably because it would be free in that way.

5.Peaches Geldof


Hard to believe it, right?  The beautiful celeb were caught a few times while she tried to steal cloth from different stores.

4.Tila Tequila

Probably her case is the most funny among the others. Tia actually caught chips and chewing gum and when she got caught she said that she was hungry and she could just simply not reject stealing.

3.Lindsey Lohan


I guess you did not expect the fact that the beautiful actress got caught because of stealing a few times. Lindsey stole a neclace worth 2000 USD. She had to participate in social work and she also sent to 120 hours prison.

2.Britney Spears


Britney got into trouble because of stealing in a many cases. She stole a T-shirt once as well as articles and also a benzine pump.

1.Megan Fox


No doubt, Megan is one of the most beautiful model who ever lived in this world. However, she loves to steal indeed! She stole a tube of lip gloss in one of the most popular shopping center