Find out why more than 20 millon people play with these games

10.Rise of the Tomb Raider

Rise of the Tomb Raider

I guess we all know the great Tomb Raider game epizodes since a long time ago. It was also available to PC and PS devices as well. The main character Lara has special new and unique skills such as swimming or sneak attacks. The wheather effects will influence to Lara’s performance in the new version.

9.Halo 5:Amazon


The scifi games were always popular especially among the youth. The previous game was released in 2012 so the fans could not wait to the new one any longer. In the Amazon you will have the opportunity to switch to Spartan abilities which actually means faster movement and more power.

8.Kingdom Hearts 3


The game will be available to PS4 and Xbox One as well. The new version will be actually really similar to the previous games at least from a few aspects. Although, now you can use special skills such as wall-running, summons or jumping.

7.South Park:The Fractured but whole


I guess I no need to introduce the worldwide well-known cartoon epizode namely South Park. In 2016 you will have the opportunity to play with Stan Marsh or with Eric Cartmen. The game was developed by the Ubisoft company and you can purchase it in almost every country. The three youth want to build-up their own franchise and they will do everything in order to reach their purpose.

6.For Honer


No doubt, this is one of the best game in our toplist. It will be also available to Windows which is a big surprise. The player will have the possibility to control the Vicking, Knight and also the Samurai factions.
Additionally, new weapons will be available but you can also set the gender and armor for example.

5.Dead Island 2


The game is actually the third release of the serie and plays in California. The main story of Dead Island2 is actually really interesting. The zombies are escape from the quarantine zones and they try to kill as much people as they can. They infected under misterious circumstances and your primarly task will be to discover why did the whole nightmare happen.

4.Crackdown 3


The game was released by a great British developer and published by the famous Microsoft corporation. Crackdown 3 is known to be as one of the best action games ever. The players most significant task is to control a huge destruction which actually has the ability to destroy everything in the world.



Thuban the great dragon is a scary monster who can kill everyone if he wants. Although, the game will be released in the end of 2016 the fans can’t wait to try it out. The graphical quality will be extremely high so only the best computers will be able to launch it.

2.Assetto Corse


Finally an auto video game in our toplist! Simultation games are extremely popular especially among the younger generation. Assetto Corse gives you real driving experiences as well as a lots of fun. The amazing laser scan improvements and new licensed cars will take your breath away!

1.Quantum Break


Finally, we arrived to our weakly winner namely to Quantum Break! Without a doubt, the Remedy Entertainment created an amazing and incredible game in 2016.It is actually a half advanture and half action game with the highest graphics quality what you can imagine. The main enemy is the Monarch security team but you can face with a plenty of different enemies during the gameplay. Have fun!