Top 10 most expensive wedding rings of all time

10.Jennifer Aniston – 1.000.000 USD

His boyfriend surprised the talented actress with an 8-carat diamond beauty which costs approximately one million dollars. As Justin Theroux said it is a great gift but the best only deserves the best.

9.Jennifer Lopez –  1.200.000 USD


The booty-queen singer and actress said yes to her also well-known partner namely to Ben Afflect so she got a 6 carat diamond as a present. Although, after the break JLO gave it back the extremely expensive gift
to Ben.

8.Ciara – 1.500.000 USD

Ciara got engaged during the summer of 2013 so her boyfriend bought her a 15 carats unbelievaby beautiful ring. She also had birthday that time so it was actually a double present from her boyfriend.

7.Kim Kardashian – 2.000.000 USD


The Lorraine Schwarz ring has an extremely high value it costs roughly two million dollars. Well, Kris Humphres got the required amount money so he went into a store and he purchased one. No need to say that Kim really liked the 16.5 carats diamond.

6.Anna Kournikova – 2.500.000 USD


No doubt, Kournikova is one of the most successful tennis player not just in America but also in the whole world. For this reason, her partner Enrique Iglesias surprised her with a 11 carats ring which actually look like a real teardrop.

5.Mariah Carey – 2.500.000 USD


The world one of the most symphatetic singer received a 17 carats pink diamond from her lover, Nick Cannon. If you take a picture above we can clearly see that it actually looks like a smaller microphone. Mariah was really glad when she got the beauty.

4.Vanessa Bryant – 4.000.000 USD


You might not know her very well, but she is the love of the legandery basketball player, Kobe Bryant. They also had a half year old little babie during that time. Vanessa was always by his side even when Kobe had serious problems.

3.Paris Hilton – 4.700.000 USD


It must be a challenge to surprise this lady due to the fact that she is actually a billionaire. Although, they never got married Paris is almost cried when she saw the ring. It is a big moment in every girl’s life no matter who are you or where did you come from.

2.Beyonce – 5.000.000 USD


They have forming a great couple with Jay-Z since a long time ago. When Beyonce marry him she got a 18-carat rectangular diamond as a “small” present. No need to mention that Beyonce said yes and they live a truly happy life since than.

1.Elizabet Taylor – 8.000.000 USD


Finally the winner of the topic is no other than the amazing and legendary Elizabeth Taylor. She got a 33 carats diamond from Richard Burton and the wedding cost more than 9 million dollars. Although, Elizabeth married more partners her happiness is clearly visible on the picture above.