Top 10 highest-paid football players in 2016

10.Luis Suarez

is an extremely important member of the magnetic MNS(Messi,Neymar Suarez) team who receives almost 203,000 euros per year. Suarez started to built up his carieer in the British Liverpool team where he reached great successes Although, he is not so popualr because his “biting habbit” he still belongs to the most talented attackers of all time category.

9. David Silva


Member of the Spanish National team and takes his place as middfielder in Manchester City. Silva started his football carieer in Eibar but than he moved to Valencia where he achieved great successes. He has been playing since 2010 in Manchester City with such a great stars as Ture or Sergio Aguero. In this year they were almost able to manage to get into the championes league final. Silva’s estimated salary is somewhere around 210 million euros.

8. Neymar


Probably Neymar is the only one person who could take Messi’s role if he retires once. He is unbelievably fast, unpredictable and tricky. The brazilian genius is just 24 years old but already won a championes league trophy and a Spanish league cup. He also dreams about holding a world cup trophy in his hand as well. Based on the official reports, Neymar receives roughly 11,4 million euros per year from FC Barcelona.

7.Asamoah Gyan


he was born in november1985 as the first child of a middle-classed family. Currently, Asamoah plays in the Chinease league as an attacker. He was just a youth when he started to play in the Ghanian Premier League and later in the Italienisch Udine football team. Asamoah moved to China in 2015 and since than he is one of the most acclaimed attacker of the whole league.

6. Sergio Aguero


I guess I shall not introduce him. Aguero is one of the most fast and valuable member of the Manchester city, he scored more than 100 goals during his carieer. He was also good in the Spanish Atletico Madrid although, he did not win any cups with them. Than he got the chance to prove his talency in the Premier League and he did a great job so far. Aguero’s yearly income is more than 12 million euros.

5. Yaya Toure


The third member of the City’s team on our toplist is Yay Toure. He serves as a real “cleaner” in the team his duty to stop the attackings in the midfielder area. Without a doubt, he has the phisycal ability to solve this problem. Toure is also played in FC Barcelona between 2007-2010 and he was one of the favourite player of the fans. Although, he is more than 33 years old he is still in good form.

4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

He has a really own and rude personality but we must acclaimed that he is a great footbal player. Zlatan is more
than 2.0 m tall and his shots are unbelievably powerful. Anyway, Zlatan also a great kick-box fighter in the real life so he loves the violence and he is a real adrenalin addicted. Recently, he plays in PSG and his yearly salary is roughly 13 million euros. I guess you would not expect the fact that Zlatan is more than 35 years old now.

3. Wayne Rooney


On the third place on our toplist takes place the real British legend namely Wayne Rooney. He’s playstyle is really similar to Maradona’s, which actually means that he is short, strong and very fast. A couple of  football team already want to purchase him, but the United did not want to discuss about this issue at all.  However, Rooney was an alcohol addicted before and his family thought that he will never be able to change his life. Well, he stood up from the ground and now we can clearly see who is the real Wayne Rooney.

2. Lionel Messi


He is a real living legend, who already won four golden balls as well as every kind of awards what you can imagine. Messi is the most talented football player who lives among us and also the most important member of the MSN attacking team. Messi plays in the Kathalan team since his childhood and became the most popular football player not just in Europe but also in the whole world. Messi’s yearly salary is roughly 15 million euros which means that he is the second highest paid person in our toplist.

1. Christiano Ronaldo


Well, you might not love him, but he is the richest professional footbal player in Europe. Ronaldo also won three Golden balls and a plenty of golden shoes during his carieer. He is also unbelievably self-confident and powerful and his results are just simply scary! To be more specific, it never occured that he shot less than 50 goals during one season which is unbelievable. Ronaldo’s yearly income is approximately 15 million euros and this number does not includes his commercial revenues.