Top 10 luxory hotels which will take your breath away

10.Westein Excelsior


Easily accessible by public transportation and located in an elite district of Rome. The government spent almost 8 million euros just to renew the building. The luxury home consists several enterprises centers as well as exclusive bars and wellness opportunities.

9.Les Sources de Caudalie


is located in Bordeaux and one of the most popular hotel in French. Thousands of foreign visitors visit it in every year. The hotel provides approximately 40 luxory rooms as well as excellent restaurants and wellness services. The guests also have the opportunity to participate in tasting programms and also in tennis and cooking lessons.

8.Lesic Dimitri Palace


If you travel to Croatia please do not hesitate to spend at least night in the beautiful and amazing Lesic Dimitri Palace. Their primary and most favourable service is probably the special thai massage which uploads you with energy and a good chance to relax. The hotel is located close to the sea so you can also try out their boat and sail trips programms.

7. Hotel Cristallo


is one of the most well-known five-stars luxory home not just in Europe but also in the whole world. You shall taste their delcious meat offers if you are already been there you will like it! Moreover, their Turkish bath serves as a great remedy to special types of joint problems and diseases. You will also have an incredible view from the balcon of your
room which actually means that you could clearly see the whole city from there.

6.Chateau Les Crayeres


is also located in French and belongs to the smaller luxory homes category. It was built by a French architecture in the beginning of the 20th century. The guests could choose from only 20 rooms but they are extremely exclusive and comfortable in return. Although, Chateau Les Crayeres does not includes any spa at all, you can choose from a wide-range of excellent seasonal ingredients menu and restaurant.

5.Domaine de Manville


It is actually a kind of large farm so do not surprise if you meet olive trees and vines during you walk around. Domaine de Manville owns more than 35 luxory rooms and the guests could even play golf if they wish. You should try out their special kitchen with their local ingredients and their special wines are just simply amazing!

4. Laucala Island Resort


You are suppose to pay roughly 41,000 dollars in order to spend one night at this wonderfully designed hotel. It is only accessible by airplane due to the fact that it is located in Laucala Island. Exciting programs such as horse riding or golf education are also available in this magnetic place. Laucala Island Resort is a mix of 25 exclusive villas and a great choice if you would like to rest in a truly amazing place.

3. Ty Warner Penthouse


Could be found in the center of New York and one night costs approximately 46,000 dollars for each person. The luxory hotel can provide places for at least 720 foreign visitors at the same time. You will have an amazing view and you will be also able to see the skyscrapers from the top of it! A short sightseeing around Manhattan and then you get back to your hotel and enjoys the luxory of such an amazing place! Sounds good isn’t it?

 2. Raj Palace Hotel


No doubt, the Raj Palace Hotel is definitely the most expensive luxory home in whole Asia. You will meet there
unbelievable design such as golden leaf decoration and mirror walls as well. Usual services such as jacuzzi or wellness are also available of course. The hotel is actually the most favourable one in whole India. One night costs almost 44,000 dollars. Would you pay that much amount of money for a night?

1. Hotel President Wilson


Finally, we arrived to the most expensive luxory hotel which ever been built in the world namely to the great Hotel President Wilson. It is actually a Penthouse with full of comfortable furniture and devices. Once you enter, you never want to leave. Mainly only celebs and politicians could afford to rent an elegant room there. One night costs approximately 70,000 dollars, would you believe it?