Top 10 most horrible diseases ever

10. Microcephaly


An extremely rare disease which occurs at birth or somethimes before. Every 660,000 child born with this dangereous problem. Microcephaly actually means that the brain could not develop properly so the child born with smaller head than the normal. Moreover, Microcephaly is really similar to Down syndrome. Based on the experiments, genetic or radiation problems are mainly responsible for this kind of serious disease.

9.Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria


is also known as Progeria and approximately 9 million children born with it in per year. The problem which affects mainly the youth caused by a serious mutation and as time goes on it always gets worst and worst. Remedy is not really exists to the problem due to the fact that it is actually a genetic disease. Doctors have been experimenting continuesly but they still did not find any cure to Progeria.

8. Field’s disease


One of the rarest sickness in all over the world. The name originally comes after a twins paar who were born with this serious kind of medical problem. The syndrome attacks the muscles and slowly totally redundantize the human body. They often forced to wheelchears and speaking problems could also occur. The lifespan is limited because of the fast demage of the organism.

7. Polio


The first patient who was diagnosticared with polio lived during the 19th century. It is also a really dangereous and unmindful disease regarding the fact that it spreads from people to people. Polio gets into the blood stream and destroys the muscles in a long-run. Paralysis can also occur and the patient is always weak and can move really heavily.  The problem spread into 40 countries until the 90th years.

6. Mowat-Wilson Syndrome


is also attacks the youth generation especially the babies immediately after their birth. Most of the affected people diagsnosticared with heavy eyebrow and really weird looking chin and jaw. The movement is also getting harder and harder and the muscles could completely destroyed by the Mowat-Wilson Syndrome. Like in the previous cases the cure of the disease was not discovered so far.

5. Alien hand syndrome


No doubt, this is one of the most scary human disorder which ever been discovered. Alien hand means that one of the hand works totally differently and the affected person could just simply not controll it. Probably it comes from a communication lack between the brain and the body so it results many unwelcome situations to the patient. It might happen that he hits him or herself or someone else in the same area.

4. Hypertrichosis


A person who diagnostised with this kind of disease might look funny, but trust me it is not fanny at all! It actually means that too much hair grows not just on the top of the head but on the face as well. Based on the statistics, One out of one billion people born with Hypertrichosis in the entire world. It also called “wolf face” becaue the affected
person look like a wild animal because of this mutation.

3. Fatal familial insomnia


Is also a really rare disoreder which caused by a genetic mutation. Mostly occur among the older people and often causes death in the end. A person who diagosticared with Fatal familial insomnia just simply not able to sleep at all. Honestly, how terrible it could be? No need to mention, that it destroys the human brain in a long-run. Based on the official reports, only 280 persons suffer from this kind of problem.

2. Argyria


is also known as blue skin or smurf disorder due to the fact that the person lives with completely blue skin until his or her death. It also can spreads from generation to generation like in the case of the Fugate family. They actually affected by Argyria since almost 200 years ago. The reason could be that their family members were miniers so they always were close to coals and irons. The low level of oxygen results the blue or in some cases the purple skin.

1.Human Pappiloma Virus


Probably the most shocking and terrible disorder which affects one out of a half billion people. The most well-known person who suffers from this disease lives in South America and used to called as the “Tree man”. Papipiloma virus is also called HPV which causes serious skin disorder. The human organism receives this kind of bacteria into the blood flow and than it spreads into everywhere.