Top 10 Most Shocking Vietnam War Pictures Ever

10.True Friendship

This warrior tries to save his friend’s life although, he is already dead.

9. A child during his father’s funeral


His father lost in the war but his son is so proud of him.

8.This bomb killed a hundreds of citizens

This bomb killed a hundreds of innocent people.

7.A brutal extermination of local soldiers


These great soldiers were exterminated by the enemy in an average day.

6.A thousands of innocent people were killed during the war


A thousands of citizens were infected by serious viruses during the brutal war.

5.A mother tries to save her children

She takes the risk and tries to run away with her little children through across the river.

4.A soldier lost his friend

His friend is wounded and noone comes to save his life!

3.Wounded warriors

During a war no matter who you are, where are you from or what have you done before.

2.Crying children

They all lost their home and their whole life forever.

1.The supply is just coming

The Vietnam War killed more than 10,000 people’s life and caused huge financial expenditures for both countries.