Top 10 most wanted criminals in the world

10.William Bradford Bishop


He did an unbelievably brutal and unaccaptable crime in the summer of 1976. William went home from an average workday and decided to exterminate his own family. He had three children and a beautiful wife but now they all dead because of him. He also transported the bodies into Columbia where he buried them. After that he diseppeared forever.

9. Victor Manuel Gerena


Gerena stole approximately 7 million dollars from a bank in West Hatford than he just left. He shot his own collegues in order to get what he wants. The robbery is actually the second biggest bank rubbery which ever happened in the history of America. The police arrested a smaller group of people saying that they helped to plane the whole robbery.

8.Alexis Flores


Based on the charges, Flores kidnapped and killed a little five years old child in the summer of 2000. They lived at the same place and Flores introduced himself as an other person. Not so late, Flores committed almost the same crime in Arizona. The police officiers immediately recognised that it was Flores again.

7. William Robert Fisher


He committed almost the same murder as Bradford Bishop. William killed his own wife and his own children. Based on the neighbours opinion, her wife wanted to divorce and start a totally whole new life. Probably this was the main reason for the brutal action. The police officers found his car in Arizona a few days later. William is one of the most wanted person on the FBI’s list.

6. Fidel Urbina


is an unbelievably evil person who loves sexual violence and brutality. In March 1998, Urban caught and killed a young woman in Chicago. He burned the body and left it in a car. It was not enough for him. He also killed a 22 years old young girl in the same year. Urbina was a migrant who came from Mexico to the United Stated. Noone seen him since more than eight years ago.

5. Glen Stewart Godwin


He escaped twice from the same prison, and now noone knows where is he. Godwin was one of the most dangereous criminal during 1975-1980 after he killed a local dealer in California. At the first time he was sent to 27 years prison but somehow he managed to escape. He was the first person who could done that. Not so late he got caught because he killed another dealer but five months later he escaped again. How, unimaganable!

4. Semion Mogilevich


Although, he is not a murder he responsible for a plenty of serious crimes. Semion stole at least 140 investor’s money and then he diseppeared forever. He said that their money will increase if they invest into an architectural bussiness. Semion is a great master of mind-tricks and have the ability to manipulate people. Based on the authorities opinion, Semion probably hide somewhere in the North European region.

3. Yaser Abdal Sahid


Probably none of us could imagine how can a people kill his or her own children. Yaser Abdal Sahid shot with at least 10 bullets his own daughters. The case happened in 2004 in Texas. A young girl who lived close to them heard the shots and called the police station. Unfortunately, it was too late, the two young girls were found dead and their father just simply diseppeared.

2. Eduardo Ravelo


Eduardo committed a plenty of horrible crimes not just in Texas but in his native land Mexico as well. Based on Samantha Mikeska’s secret agent opinion, he is the most dangereous and wanted criminal not just in American but also in the whole world. Eduardo executed at least 65 people so far, and he probably will not stop it. He changed his whole look in order to not get caught.

1. Jason Derek Brown


At the first look he seems to be a kind and symphatetic person, but he is not. In 2004 he attacked and killed a car-guard and stole approximately 60,000 dollars from the truck. Then he left America and went to Europe with a Christian group. When he returned he got married once again, but then they divorced. Based on a few gossips, he lost his mind and started to drink and use drugs. Jason was last seen by one of his friend around 2008.

Jeremy Meeks


One of the most handsome prisoner got caught unfortunately. A thousands of females would spend a night with him!