Top 10 places what you must visit in New York

10.Brooklyn Bridge


was founded in 1964 and belongs to the greatest bridges in New York city. The Brooklyn Bridge conncects Manhatten with Brooklyn and divides the city into two main parts. A millions of people visit that place in every year. The traffic
is really heavy especially at the afternoon. YoU will have an amazing view to the river and to the city as well.

9. Yankee Stadium


Americans just simply love the baseball it is actually a fact not an opinion. You may not like it but you must take a walk around the incredible Yankee Stadium. You will have the opportunity to take Babe Ruth’ bath which will be
an unforgattable experience!
8. St.Patrick’s Cathedral

was built in a Neo-Gothic style and definitely one of the most important historical building in New York, what you must see! You can buy books, prospects and other types of gifts there, if you wish. It is a really architectural wonder, please do not hesitate to visit it at least once!

7.Times Square


No doubt, Time Square is the most well-known and popular part of the city since a long time ago. It could be found in the center of Manhattan and also called as the “Crossroads of the World” . Based on the estimations, a thounds
of foreign people visit the Times Squara per day.

6. Theater district


A great place again especially for the wealthy class. You should take the chance and participate in a real Broadway show and once you enter,you will never want to leave anymore! You can also visit exclusive restaurants and bars if you wish. The only question is: Would you watch a drama or a comedy?

5. New York Public Library


Might sounds a bit boring, but trust me it is not a usual and average library. You can participate in a free tour where they will provide you the necessary information what you should watch if you are already there. If you take my advice, you will take off those books from the shelf what they recommend you.

4.9/11 Memorial


Probaly the most terrible crime which ever happened in our history. A hundreds of people were killed, a plenty of buildings were demaged and this is the event what we will never forget. For this reason, you are already there, please take your time and visit the 9/11 memorial place.

3. American Museum of Natural History


The best place if you interested about dinosaur fossils for example. The most well-known is the blue whale skaletaon of a T-Rex which is more than 95 foot tall, how amazing isn’t it? You might seen the famous movie namely Night at the Museum where you can watched what’s going on inside.

2. Empire State Building


A real tour around New York is just simply could not be complete without seeing this beautiful building. Yo have the possibility to enter whenever you wish because its open every day! The Empire State Building is more than 9,000 m tall so you will have the opportunity to see the amazing view from the top of it.

1. Statue of Liberty


Finally, once you completed the tour around New York the last place you must see is the Statue of Liberty. Every American citizen proud to this monument. It was founded by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi in 1886 and created by Gustave Eiffel. The Statue of Liberty represents the freedom and power of every American people.