Top 10 reasons why Obama is the best politician ever

10.He restabilized the healthcare system

Obama did not tolerate the old system so he made serious changes. Five years before it was totally normal that a wounded person did not get a help if he did not have an insurance.

9.Better life for the middle-classed people

Better economic performance is unavoidable in order to give a better life for the average people. That’s what he thinks. It also true from an other perspective. Stronger middle-class will result higher economic growth in a long-run.

8.He always takes care about the enviroment


Obama’s main purpose was to establish a green, red, blue and white nation. He also made significant intervetions in the energy sector. Just to give you an example: the amount of oil imports in America decreased by almost 12% which is an unbelievable fact.

7.He loves peace


He was even received a Nobal Peace Award in 2009. The main reason of his success was that he always rejected the idea to use nuclear weapon. He also finished the bloody Afghanistan war and sent back the soldiers to their home.

6.He supports civil right


Obama always supported the civil right such as gay marriage for instance. He honestly believes that everyone deserve justice no matter who is he, where did he come from and what he works.

5.He supports the wiman

Obama actually founded a so called Violance Against Woman organization which deals with the wiman legal issues. He also distributed a high amount of money among the Small Business owners business wiman.

4.He is against racism


He’s continues demonstrations and speeches did have a serious impact on the communities point of view. To be more specific, America belongs to the most tolerable nations recently.

3.He takes care about the education

No doubt, Obama is an extremely intelligent and smart person. It’s written on his face. He told a thousand times that education expresses the value of the nation. Moreover, he was always proud to the fact that the USA owns the most graduated youth in the entire world.

2.He loves humor


Obama often tell jokes and even laugh on them! He always loved the comedy and really loves to entertain the mass.

1.Obama supports the veterans

However, he never served as a military soldier, he still takes care about the veteran soldiers. Furthermore, Obama increased job opportunities in the whole America. In addition, he could not accept the fact that fathers and sons are sacrafice their life in Afghanistan day by day. He did everything in order to change the horrible situation.