Top 10 stars who had plastic surgeries

10.Courtney Love


She is one of the women who entered into our top ten list of the worst plastic surgeries in the world. As an actress, a singer, songwriter, as well as a visual artist, she is indeed very popular in the industry. Her plastic surgery indeed made things very difficult for her as she made uplift with the check bones as well as with her nose. It did not go well with her, as she is currently not looking like Courtney Love we used to know.

9.Priscilla Presley


This is one of America’s finest actress who has indeed become very popular in the movie industry as well as the business scene. However, she went for what was regarded as a face uplift and check implant, which got her face looking terrible. She currently runs the Elvis Presley Enterprises.

8.Lara Flynn Boyle


She was really known in movies like “The Practice” where she became popular as it ran from 1997-2003 on the television series programme. This 39 year old woman decided to go for what we call an implant in her upper lips and the result in her movie “Law and Order”, she really looked terrible in that 2008 movie. She however got criticism from her new look from her fans as they could not believe to have seen this award winning actress get this bad plastic surgery.

7.Mickey Rourke


Known to be a handsome actor in the movie “Rumble Fish”, and “The pope of Greenwich Village”, this actor changed himself and became ridiculed in front of his fans in the movie “The Wrestler”. He had to do some few upper eye lift, and hair transplant, but it did not work out well for him. This plastic surgery disfigured him and made him not look as the handsome Mickey we always know even while he was a wrestler.

6.Scott Thompson

He also had to make her way into the top list of women who had to  batytle with bad plastic surgeries. He had what was called eyebrow lift, alongside with Botox Injections, lip plumping and lesser peels. However, it failed this actor as he has to deal with its consequences. He became very muscular in return which is suspected to have been the use of steroids for this look.

5.Kelly Bensimon


When you watch “The Real Housewives of New York City”, then you would remember this very former model and actress Kelly. She suffered from domestic violence and went for plastic surgery. The surgery did not prove successful and reconstructive for her. She currently did not look like herself in the beginning.

4.Jocelyn Wildenstein


This is one of the individuals in America that knows that she never got it right from the scratch. She has reportedly spent a fortune on her face uplift and also her check implants. Because it really failed her, she got the nickname “Cat Woman” because of her disfigured look she now posses. Although married into wealth, she is still not happy.

3.Donatella Versace


This is one very popular person that is respected in the clothing industry and fashion home. She is the vice president of Versace fashion brand. At the age of 54 years of age, she went for a significant change of mouth and nose plastic surgery. Her surgeries started from the 1990’s where it all started wrongly. She is currently unhappy about the changes and her look.

2.Tara Reid


In a bid to try to make herself very beautiful in form and appearance, this actress as gone to engage in what we can call plastic surgery. Known for movies like “American Pie”, she went for a breast implant procedure which went wrong. The surgery was done in 2004 where her stomach became the most ripple bulgy thing. She however regretted engaging in that as her beauty disappeared.

1.Tori Spelling


This has been one of the celebrities that have always had issues with her breast. She went for plastic surgery, and the breastbone began showing obviously at her cleavage. However, she went on to do the surgery thinking that would be beautiful with a new look in her breast. Her breast really looks artificial as she has always not had breast in the past. Unfortunately for Spelling, her chest muscles are really showing. She has to deal with this type of criticism from her fans as well as her well wishers.