Top 10 stars who look better with short hair

10.Miley Cyrus


She used to have long hair, but nowadays she rather prefer short hair. Well, Miley has a really own and sloppy style so it fits perfectly to her.

9.Victoria Beckham


We all remember her from the great Spice Girls where Victoria was a frontmember of the group. She is really attractive with her beautiful brown short hair! It means style and uniqueness to her.

8. Pink

Probably we could not imagine the crazy singer with a long hair although she used to wear it. Pink loves to wear the craziest and most shocking types of short hair since a long time ago. She even painted to blue her hair once!



No doubt, she can wears any type of hair she always looks cool and attractive! Recently, the famous and worldwide well-known singer often wears an extremely short hair.

6. Natalie Portman


With such a beautiful face you can make everything! Although, Natalie always preferred short hair we can remember the movie “Leon the Professional” where she was just a child. Currently, she is more than 30 years old but still did not change her mind!

5. Halle Berry


She is a real mature hot woman, who looks incredible with short hair! Halle honestly believes that it is much more comfortable to wear short hairstyles during the work days.

4.Emma Watson


I guess we all know her from the great movie Harry Potter. She was rather be a small girl during that time, but nowadays she looks like a real woman with this amazing short hair!

3. Anne Hathaway


Possibly she is one of the most attractive female not just in Hollywood but also in the entire world. No matter what she wears, she is just simply amazing! Not so late, Ann decided to cut her hair, and as we can clearly see on the picture above,that  it was a good idea!

2.Matt LeBlanc


He was the most funny character in the great epizode “Friends”. Recently, Leblanc is more than 50 years old and wears a short hair which makes him really charmy. He used to have long hair when he was a youth, but it did not
fit to him at all!

1.George Clooney

Clooney is probably the most attractive actor in the whole world at least based on the female’s opinion. He also had long brown hair in his past, but the short one makes him just simply unrejectable!