Top 10 ways to prevent heart attack

10.Take care about your Cholesterol


Avoid eating foods that full of fats and cholesterol such as bacon, eggs or salamis. The volume of cholesterol in your blood came from: the intenstinal track (what you eat), the amount produced by your liver, and also your age determines your cholesterol level.

9.Avoid being fat


If you are overweights, you automatically increase the chance of getting stroke or a plenty of other types of heart disease. Your blood pressure could be also higher in that way as well as you might increase the possibility of getting diabetes for instance.

8.Do exercises regularly


It is extremely important in order to reduce your stress level and maintain a healthy life. Based on the experiments, 2 miles of walking is the best in one day. You will not just burn some fat but also activate some of your genes which are responsible for your health.

7.Decrease your stress level


It might sounds boring but it is unavoidable in order to be completely healty. Stress is your worst enemy. There are a numereous opportunities available to reduce your stress. Firstly listening music or do exercises regularly can help relax after a hard-working stressful day.

6.Do not smoke


Smoking has a plenty of disadvateges such as you increase the chance of getting lung cancer or heart attack in a long-run. Smoking also narrows your arterias and allows a lower amount of blood into your heart in that way. Be strong and quit as soon as you can.

5.Provide Vitamins


Significant vitamins such as vitamin E or B6 can lower the chance of getting cardiovascular diseases in a long-run. You can also provide them from natural resources such as from eggs or different types of vegetables and fruits.

4. Drink not to much alcohol

Consuming alcohol regularly can also increases your blood pressure and the chance of stroke for example. It also demages your liver and your whole origin. Based on the researches, drinking to much alcohol could also result breast cancer.

3.Eat more fibers and C vitamins


Eating foods which full of fibers such as liver or grapefruit can have a positive affect not just to your heart but to your whole orgin as well. Being a vegeterian means that you avoid eating transfats and you provide a necessary amount of fibers and C vitamins.

2.Drink often water


Probably this is one of the most important from a health point of view in or toplist. You shell drink at least 2-3 liters of water in every day in order to provide the neccessary liquid into your blood flow.

1.Eat fish regularly


A study already proved that eating fish at least once a weak reduces the channce of getting heart attack or stroke. To be more specific, the possibility is lower with approximately 33% in that way. Just to give you an example:In the Asian countries heart diseases are almost unknown because of the regular fish consumption.